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Updating and migration of ISPmanager 6, VMmanager 6

Greetings to our dear partners, users and like-minded people!

Its no secret that ISPsystem will stop supporting and updating its ISPmanager 5 product in the last year. In this connection, some control panels such as ISPmanager for hosting have been updated to the 6th version. Users who use the services of a virtual server (VPS) - it was not enough with a simple update, since VMmanager 6 is a completely new product, we had to migrate VPS from the previous VMmanager 5 to a new platform, however, some functions became unavailable for a regular user (compared to 5 -th version) not provided by the developer, but they promise to implement everything in the future). Such functions as Connect your own ISO-image, now users can through their own bash script or through a support request, you can change the password for entering VMmanager in the Billing panel of the main site => My account => Settings => VMmanager 6 authorization data, except it remains an automatic daily backup system (snapshots) run time 4-9 am).

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